Our Team


Andrew Klein

Andrew Klein has been working with startups and emerging growth companies for more than a decade. He’s worked as a founder and as an outside advisor for both entrepreneurial teams and their investors. In this capacity, he has managed the strategic operations and funding of companies in a variety of industries with specific expertise in SaaS, health care, hospitality and consumer products, and energy/construction. Companies with Andrew’s direct involvement have raised almost $90 million in debt and equity.

Andrew also has a strong passion for entrepreneurship and connecting people, as demonstrated by his involvement as a TechStars Alumni, 9Mile Labs Accelerator, Kick Incubator, teacher at General Assembly, and in running the meetup group Cigars & Startups. He holds a BS in accounting and an MBA focused on entrepreneurial finance, both from Seattle University.

Sr. Consultant – CFO, COO

Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell is a senior operations and financial professional with extensive hands-on experience helping companies achieve new levels of growth and profitability. He has a reputation for driving financial and operational results for both emerging and publicly traded companies. He is equipped with excellent knowledge and application of “best practice” solutions, based on broad industry background that includes experience with manufacturing, services, and telecommunications. He has an outstanding track record of collaborating with senior management teams, boards of directors, and outside investors.

Manager of Bookkeeping

Andie Adee

Andie Zccounting’s Bookkeeping Manager started her career in public accounting at Chortek & Gottschalk, LLP, working in tax and audit services.  For over 25 years she managed complicated accounting and tax engagements for corporations, individuals and fiduciaries. She has a strong understanding of fiscal management, planning and reporting. In addition she is an Experienced Non-profit Executive Board member.

Sales + Marketing Manager

Andy Petek

Andy is a marketing and business development specialist.  He’s invested in several CPG businesses and has created products from farm-to-table and idea-to-commerce.  Long-time business partner of Andrew Klein in various ventures, Andy brings marketing expertise to Zccounting in it’s current expansion.  Andy created the website you’re currently viewing and everyone’s favorite accounting concierge, BUCK!

Bookkeeping Associate

Gabe Sperling

Gabe Started as our intern back in 2016.  We gave him the crappiest of jobs that no one wanted to do. He took them seriously and pleased clients by figuring out the most efficient ways to get client work done. 

 Gabe’s specialty is helping our clients who have fallen behind in their accounting and is our fastest associate in clean-up accounting.  Many clients have also used Gabe to build investor lists, manage initial investor contact, and other general data entry work.