Founders have better things to do than to worry about bookkeeping and accounting. From software companies to industry disrupting service providers, all startups need to keep their books in order to stay profitable.  At ZCCOUNTING we manage the books so you can get back to business.  

Live Bookkeepers

Our professional bookkeepers work to optimize your processes and keep your Quickbooks up to date!

Quickbooks Based

We use your Quickbooks online account so you always own your data, not some other website, this way when you outgrow our startup package it’s easy for your team to pick up where we left off. 

Simple Pricing

Bookkeeping is a low monthly fee depending on the size and complexity of your organization, most organizations are $500 per month.  Additional financial analysis is done on a fixed transparent pricing model.

Preventing Startup Failure With Accounting, Bookkeeping & Investor Reporting