Venture Backed Tech Startups

We are connected with investors and founders seeking investment in various software companies including Consumer, SaaS, AR/VR, Cloud, and big data.  We have a vast investor network, and have helped a number of startup companies and venture capitalists form long term mutually beneficial relationships. We keep investors engaged and helpful to the success of our clients companies because we keep them updated with accurate financial and investor reporting.  






Healthcare is complex and constantly changing. We help keep clinicians and management focused on patient care instead of spending hours tracking credits and debits. Working with Zccounting lets you outsource the most basic functions of billpay, bank reconciliations, and a variety of other financial functions. You do the life saving, and we’ll worry about the bookkeeping.

Our healthcare practice is strengthened by our partners experience in analysing companies and markets for acquisition by large scale investors. We also have had experience in setting up health care practice networks in both funding and accounting.  We have plans that can fit any size practice, including private practice clinicians.



Food & Agriculture

Tech isn’t the only innovative industry.  We have helped companies launch and help build scaleable processes that lay the groundwork that’s reshaping our current food systems. Our partners have been shaping the future of food for over a decade, and our team has helped them get there.  We have had experience in launching, funding, and growing consumer focused food brands, speciality agriculture, and beverages.  





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