Our Services

Business Plan Consulting: Using the business model canvas and other proprietary tools, we help our clients figure out how to build financial sustainability for their companies.  Our expertise is in helping clients navigate the transition from cool product to rapidly growing company.


Financial Modeling: This process can take some of the guess work out of finances. Financial modeling helps tracking progress, aids in goal setting for a business, and insures that investor money is spent productively.


Angel Investment Planning: Getting investors on board with your company isn’t always easy. We’ll help you put together a comprehensive plan to validate investment opportunity with investors, identify investors, coach entrepreneurs on “the ask,” and help with due diligence.


Pitch Development and Coaching: If you want investors to back your business, you need a great pitch. It has to tell a story, and sell the big picture of your idea. We help entrepreneurs find the right words to explain their complex businesses, and get the funding they need to succeed.  


Investor Reporting: These services include monthly profit and loss statements, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow updates and other pertinent reporting factors.


Budgeting, Financial Statements: As your business grows, it can be difficult to balance the books. We can help there. Whether you need department budgets, overall company budget adjustments, financial data to backup performance or any other financial statements, we can help you navigate that process and insure its done correctly.  


Obtaining Debt and Equity Financing: We have a vast network of angel investors and access to strategic partners, investors, and family offices. We’ll help you leverage our network and make the most financially sound decisions.


Management of Startup Legal Process: Working with lawyers can be expensive, especially when it comes to negotiating with investors. Zccounting can be your advocate, working with you and your lawyer, saving costs and protecting your interests.


Board Advisor and Observer: We provide investors the service of oversight and reporting on their portfolio companies. We also track relevant milestones, help identify future funding needs, and ensure value growth.


Strategic Planning: Finance touches strategy in all aspects of the business from pricing to human resources. We can provide financial perspective when making hard decisions steer you in the direction of profitable growth.


Accounting and Bookkeeping: On a basic level everything comes back to balancing the need for accurate books and the stresses of tracking your transactions.




For Seed stage startups we can provide bookkeeping services for $500 a month, including a monthly financial package prepared for investor reporting.


We have other packages for more established companies that scale with your growth, but you will always know what your monthly bookkeeping costs will be.  

From time to time, our clients need additional work and analysis such as creating a financial model for investors, budgeting, or inventory review.  These services range from $1,000-$8,000 depending on the scope and time required, but all pricing will be clear and agreed upon before any work starts.

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